How To Choose The Right Ministry Coaching

If you have found your calling in the Lord’s work, it can be a liberating experience. Nothing is as satisfying as realizing God wants to use you in a very specific way, and in this case, He wants you in a pastoral ministry. But it can also be very overwhelming, especially among individuals who seem to know exactly where they are going. The good news is that these people are there to help and coach you. You just have to follow your heart, and make the most of the coaching you receive, then everything will fall into place.

But you are looking for an answer with a little more clarity, aren’t you? You want to know what type of ministry coaching will help you grow in your faith and confidence. Here are some things to consider when scouting for ministry coaching that will put you in a position to promote God and all His glory.

1. Start With A Prayer

Just like with every big decision in your life, always start with a prayer. Ask God to guide you on your journey, and to help you make the best decision possible. If you plan on devoting your life to His cause, there is no better way to start than to speak to Him about it.

2. Find Areas For Growth

Before you begin consulting coaches, it is important to figure out what areas you want to grow in. Take some time and get clarity on the type of coach and ministry you can identify with. The great thing about people is that they are diverse, just like God intended, and you are going to do your best work among peers you understand on more than just a spiritual level.

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3. Consider Someone You Already Know

If you have a particular person in mind to coach you, why not approach them first? Seeing as you already know each other, there is already some foundation in the relationship and the coaching process can happen faster. Basically, you are going to feel more comfortable when you choose someone you know.

4. Virtual Coaching?

Just in case you don’t have a coach readily available, there is nothing wrong with virtual coaching via the internet. In fact, if you want it to be, everything you read and hear from people you’ve never met can also be considered coaching.

The fact is, you are never limited in terms of God’s work. You just need to decide the best route for you before you making any final decisions.